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Jared's Mobile Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair

Includes- Oil Change and filter if applicable, air filter clean or replacement, carburetor inspection, valve clearance check and adjustment if necessary. Spark plug replacement. Fuel filter replacement and voltage confirmation. $94.95 plus any parts or materials used, at your door!
Snow Blower Tune-up Special!
Includes - Oil change and spark plug replacement. Skid plate & scraper bar adjustment. Auger pin check. Auger belt check, and tension adjust. Drive belt check, and verify proper tension. Adjust cables and chute. Inspect drive system gears and friction plate, lubricate as needed. Adjust air pressure in tires. Inspect and adjust carburetor (if applicable), inspect primer & line. $104.95 plus any parts or materials used.
 2019  Service Specials !
All tune-up sale prices are based upon running and operating equipment. In the event of non-running equipment Jared's will diagnosis and repair, however fee's are subject to change.
 Storm Ready?!?! Portable Generator Tuneup