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Jared's Mobile Small Engine & Power Equipment Repair

Includes- Oil Change and filter if applicable, air filter clean or replacement, carburetor inspection, valve clearance check and adjustment if necessary. Spark plug replacement. Fuel filter replacement and voltage confirmation. $94.95 service materials included, at your door!
Lawn Mower Tune-up Special!
Includes - Oil change and spark plug replacement. Air filter cleaning or replacement. Deck scrape & blade sharpen. Fuel line and carburetor inspection. Cable check and adjustment. Drive belt inspection and transmission cover clean out (applicable to self propelled mowers). Check drive wheels for proper balance. $79.95 oil and spark plug included.
 2018 Spring Service Specials!
All tune-up sale prices are based upon running and operating equipment. In the event of non-running equipment Jared's will diagnosis and repair, however fee's are subject to change.
 Storm Ready?!?! Portable Generator Tuneup